Approximately 40% of Americans are obese and even more are classified as overweight. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who struggle with their weight, Danny Hernandez, MD, CIME, offers customized weight-loss services at both the Allentown and Quakertown, Pennsylvania, offices of DWH Medical Center. He gives practical advice, meal planning, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections, and when necessary, prescription medication. Call DWH Medical Center or make an appointment online today to start your weight-loss journey.

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Why can it be so hard to lose weight?

Hypothetically, losing weight is a simple equation. You need to burn more calories than you consume on a consistent basis. However, many factors make weight loss challenging. First, it’s hard to know exactly how many calories your body needs in a day. There are guidelines, but they don’t take your specific factors into account such as your activities levels, muscle density, and hormone levels.

Second, it’s easy and common to underestimate how much you’re eating. Studies show that overweight people underestimate their caloric intake twice as much as people with a healthy body weight.

And finally, change is hard. The reason why many diets fail is because you try to overhaul your diet and exercise habits completely, get overwhelmed, and can’t maintain the change. Then you end up disheartened and weighing the same or even more than before you started.

How can a doctor help me lose weight?

At DWH Medical Center, Dr. Hernandez works with you to develop short- and long-term weight-loss goals and a plan to help you get there.

He helps you make small changes to your diet, such as starting every meal with a glass of water and a portion of vegetables, a nutrient-dense, low-calorie option that helps you feel full and eat less of the more high-calorie parts of your meal. Then, as you get used that change, you make an additional adjustment to improve your diet a little more.

Dr. Hernandez also provides physical exams to ensure you’re fit enough to exercise regularly and can recommend safe options to get you started. The trick is to find an activity you enjoy and want to keep doing.

Additionally, he screens you for any hormonal imbalances or other health problems that could get in the way of your weight-loss success. He can prescribe weight-loss medication or HCG injections to help you on your journey.

What should I expect during medically supervised weight loss?

You’ll have regular appointments with Dr. Hernandez to monitor your progress and talk about any challenges you face. Throughout your weight-loss program, he adjusts your meal plans and encourages new activities to maintain your weight loss. Dr. Hernandez wants to support you on your journey and provides advice and motivation as you work toward your goal.

If you’re tired of trying and failing to lose weight on your own, call DWH Medical Center or schedule an appointment online today.